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Believe you have the power to make the changes you seek. There are times in our lives when we feel disempowered and disconnected from ourselves and others. I am here to walk with you on your journey towards healing.

Pre Plan Funeral Service

Pre-planning also sometimes called ‘advance planning’, means planning early of your final send-off before the needs occur. Just as purchasing an insurance plan or write a Will, Pre-planning is a way of advance planning, which is crucial towards providing your family with a Total Peace of Mind.The topic of death is a delicate one, however, one should contemplate on this question, which comes first, tomorrow or death?Pre-planning will empower your family to set the required actions during the passed of family breadwinners, without having to worry over difficult situations.
  • • You will have time and space to consider all factors and concerns
  • • You get the option of paying overtime through installment plans
  • • You get to decide on all final details such as cremation, burial, religion and rites
  • • Your family will know who to contact in the event of an emergency
  • • Your family will not be pressured into making hasty decisions
  • • Your family can avoid being suddenly forced to spend a huge amount to finance a funeral
  • • Your family is well protected from rising funeral costs due to inflation

What Pre-planning services includes:

We are available 24 hours, where you can call us or message us at any time.

We understand that you will be grieving during one’s death and we can help you by obtaining the death certificate and also assisting on the death registration form.

We provide services such as embalming and make-up service for the deceased. This will be part of the requirements of the funeral.

Our coffins comes in various wood materials such as chengal, rosewood and hardwood.

Urn is the container to place the ashes of the deceased after the cremation (burning of the body) is done. Our urns are available in different shapes and materials, for example glass and marble.

A standard wake service is 3 days 2 nights but may last longer depending on the family wishes. A wake service is where family and friends can pay their final respects to the deceased which takes place before the funeral service. An altar may be placed near the casket and feature an image of the deceased, an image of the Buddha, candles, flowers, fruit, and incense arrangement. There will also be a priest praying or monk chanting depending on their religion throughout the wake service. It is also the time, where family, relatives and friends give their condolences and pay tribute to the deceased family.

Ceremonial chanting may take place during the wake and will be performed by monks. Chanting in practical reasons is such as to aid in the contemplation of the impermanence of life, rather than for mere tradition.

Ceremonial parlour is a special place or room where the wake services are normally held. In the parlour, it is usually consist of table and chairs for family and friends to gather and pay their final respects or tribute to the deceased. It is also equipped with an AudioVisual for Christians to sing prayer songs or either to project photos of the deceased as a memory.

We have a group of musical bands dedicated solely for prayer singing or performance during the wake service.

We have a PA System installed throughout the columbarium and also inside the ceremonial parlour.

We provide floral arrangements as visual expression of sympathy, grief, love and respect towards the deceased.

We have a crematory for body cremation and proceeding with funeral service once retrieving the ashes.

Once the cremation and retrieving of ashes is done, the burial will take place at the columbarium.

These are ornaments to decorate the parlour or casket for the Christian faith.

Our Packages

We provide many different types of funeral services packages that include all religion except Islam. What are our funeral packages? There is two type of package that is for the Buddhist and Christian.

Step 1


Do not worry, we have a tranquility place of peaceful resting for the departed that keeps all the funeral urns and are able to host ceremonial parlours in the building itself.

Step 2

Land Burial Plots (single, double & family)

Also known as funeral niche. For example, it is like buying a land for your final resting place. It can come in various sizes, single plot (6’ x 16’) is a burial plot for 1 person. As for double plot (12’ x 6’) is a burial plot for 2 people which is suitable for couples. Finally, we also customisable family plot (can be as big as 48’ x 70’) that can cater from 4 up to 32 pax.

Step 3

Tombstone construction

When people buy land burial plots it does not come with the tombstone construction. When you have a land, you will need a house for your final resting place and the tombstone represents the house. However, purchasing and building it will cost separately. There are several designs and materials which one can choose, from marble to granite. Normally people would choose granite as it can last longer and it has lower maintenance such as cracks and fracture.

Step 4

Pet Funeral Services & Memorial

We offer pet funeral services, which caters for pet lovers to send off their beloved pets to their final resting place such as cats and dogs. Pet funeral brochure can be found more on the brochure.

Step 5

Sheng Ji

‘Sheng Ji’ in short for ‘Sheng Ji Feng Shui’ stands for “The Foundation of Life”. While people are still living, they build their tombstone in advance. ‘Sheng Ji’ is to reverse the misfortunes by turning it into a fortunate and prosperous fate by blending in the energy of 5 elements and characters that relates to the persons date of birth and geographical force according to their honorable deeds. Therefore, why building the ‘Sheng Ji Feng Shui’ (which in olden days is only permitted by the Emperors in the ancient Chinese Dynasty) is needed so that one can be blessed with abundant of blessings for good health and longevity, to bring luck and fortune to career and family and blessings of wealth and prosperity to the next generation.

Step 6

Ancestral Tablet

We used to have ancestral tablets in our homes especially like our grandmother or grandfathers house, where you can find it on the altar table next to the Buddha statue. This tablet is a remembrance to our ancestors but now in modern homes, we do not have such altar tables to place those tablets. Therefore, in our columbarium, we have a place to keep and store all ancestral tablets. It is made from crystal and glazed glass material, graced with LED lightings. The LED lighting will make the tablets emit auspicious rays to manifest its ancestral nobility.

Final Resting home

Your last resting home. Try to imagine the details of your final farewell when saying goodbye to a close friend or family member. Numerous decisions and thought will need to be given. Probably you will have personal opinions on them. All decisions related to your final arrangements should weigh on the burial options. You must choose and make your decision wisely, as that is the last one essential way to keep your memory. If you have not given much thought on it or a plan on your final resting home, you can give us a call anytime. We can help plan it out for you.

Feng Shui Consultancy

We provide Burial Feng Shui Consultancy. Why do you need a Burial Feng Shui consultancy? It is meant to search and qualify for future burial plots. In other words, you are finding a bright, peaceful and comfortable spot for your house in your final resting place along together with your treasured personal belongings. Sheng Ji is a subset method that we will use in Yin Feng Shui.

Setting up a trust

Setting up trust funds may seem for the wealthy though there are many benefits to creating them even when you are not rich. A trust can help manage your property or assets equally distributed after your death, in line with your wishes. A trust is a legal document established by a person or a lawyer from a legal firm. There are reasons to set up a trust. The most important thing is to avoid arguments among family members on who should receive the inheritance. We can do this as part of the package.

Life Insurance

With our vast experience in life-insurance consultation, we would be able to advise and provide your loved ones the financial security required upon the demise of the breadwinner. It will ensures your family sufficient financial support without a drastic change in lifestyle, in crucial moments like such.

Will writing

Will writing is crucial when one is deceased. It represents your responsibility. A responsibility that ensures your assets will be evenly shared out. If you have not written your will, we can assist you with that. These will come together in our package.

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